Time Leisure Concept (TLC)

You can book time on a Crossover any place where they become available, or you can make special arrangements. The ultimate goal is to let as many people enjoy flying the Crossover either as a Pilot or as a Passenger in the most beautiful places in the world! No worries about inspections or serviceability that is all taken care off!

How does it work? TLC needs up to 10-12 Pilots per aircraft. To start the project, 4- 5 persons living in the vicinity of each other and who are willing to take a €15000,-/share are needed. This share gives you every year 3 weeks total of flying in a Crossover for a period of 10 Years. For every engine hour and battery use there will be a €75,- (minimum) charge if you do not take a passenger. As you maybe already know that the Crossover has perfect gliding performance 1:42, There is not much engine  and battery use needed. The shares can be transferred*.

We are also developing the concept for Pilots and Passengers who are physically challenged, this because the very easy access and panoramic views of this nice airplane.

Passengers can buy into the same concept for €7500,-/share

*conditions apply.

.Where do you want to fly?



Meet your host, instructor and coordinator!


Jeroen Peter Bakker, retired airline captain, gliding instructor.

Founder of Juliet Bravo ltd. Malta