Time Leisure Concept

The first fully Electric-Crossover with twin engine and folding propellers is sold to Juliet Bravo ltd. and will be delivered in 2018! Yes, we are the first customer! And you can fly it too! Launching this new leisure concept today! the Crossover built by Eurosport Aircraft deserves this new approach! You can fly the Crossover in the future at different places over the world, without shipping your plane there and you do not need to make a big investment! The first group of 4-5 pilots (who live relatively close together) can secure the first place were a Crossover will be stationed for at least six months. We will expand to different places around the world however we start to build a strong base in Europe first. If you are interested please fill in the Survey! For any other questions please use the Contact form. 

 Juliet Bravo Ltd. Malta